Last Friday

On Friday MY NEW COUNTERTOPS WERE INSTALLED.  You can do a little dance for me now.  My cousin Cara came over to celebrate/hang out with me/christen the countertops.   We did all of those things at once by baking butter cookies.  I’m going to have to ask Grandma if I can share the recipe here.  It is the BEST cookie.  One pound of butter in the dough alone.  YUM.  We roll the dough very thin (which can only be done if you have a kitchen with countertops, and of course I have not had this since July 4 or so) and use cookie cutters to make seasonal shapes. The cookies only bake for a few minutes. Then we make butter icing and use cake decorating tools to ice the cookies.  The result is layers of sweet, buttery cookie and buttery, sweet icing that melt in your mouth and give you adult-onset diabetes AND obesity AND a heart condition.  Good thing none of that runs in our family.  Oh wait.  Well, when you use real butter you really see a drop in cancer deaths.  I assume. Someone should do a study on that.


This is a LOTR reference. Please comment if you get it!